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Destination Postcard and Fitness Goals for 2018

Precision Nutrition, and My Year of Failure Last year I participated in a nutrition and fitness coaching program called Precision Nutrition. Basically, the program slowly introduces you to new habits to follow every two weeks, with a daily lesson that helps you learn more about that habit. There are guided workout that increase in difficulty as the year progresses. You are even assigned a ... Read More about Destination Postcard and Fitness Goals for 2018

Make a Little Time for Art Everyday

Do something creative, every single day. When I make time for art in my life, I feel more creative and inspired. I want to do more. I tell myself to just start with 5 minutes, but I inevitably spend longer than that. The hard part is starting, but once I start, I usually keep going. I challenge you to spend a little bit of time everyday creating something. It doesn't take long. Just 5 to 10 ... Read More about Make a Little Time for Art Everyday

My 2018 Bullet Journal

Like many others, I have jumped onto the Bullet Journal train this year. For the past few years I've  been trying every single method, technique, program, etc. for time management and planning. No method has stuck with me yet, but I am hopeful that bullet journaling is what I've  been looking for. I’d like to share with you my setup for this year, and some of my completed pages so far. ... Read More about My 2018 Bullet Journal